How to Stop Teenage Bullying – 4 Effective Tips

Bullying among teenagers is one of the biggest issues that’s creating havoc on the young minds and traumatizing their mental as well as physical health. If not checked on time this may result in anomalous behavioral patterns and their growing up to a messed up adults. Various mental health problems show up like low self-esteem, high stress, depression, or anxiety leading to total aloofness or even suicide.


Taking on the crusade to stop teenage bullying is an undeniably important part of parenting. Being a parent, you can’t ignore as important a thing like checking up whether your kids are being bullied by some bad kid or group of powerful and furious bad kids in school or they themselves are involved in the incidents of bullying others.


As most things on earth have got technically advanced lately so has bullying, it has crossed all boundaries, and reached the cyber sphere as well as made a cancerous presence on the cellphones of the teenagers. Earlier, a child tormented by bullying would miss school or a certain class or the sports and fests taking place in school, now a child who has decided to miss the class or school and trying to stay safe by hiding at home isn’t safe either.


A mere blinking of the phone can be a huge catastrophe for your child and it is important for you to know if your child is not being bullied over the cell phone.


Below you’ll find the Tips to Stop Teenage Bullying & Keep your Child Safe:-


Communicate with your Child


When kids are being bullied, they are scared to speak anything to their parents and especially when there is a communication gap between parents and children, the trouble doubles. A troubled parent and child relation can even turn your kid into a bully, so develop friendship with your child and let no gap creep in your relationship. Communicate with your child as often as possible. Guide them how to handle such situations, stay calm and have patience.


Participate in Special Anti Bullying Programs along with your Child


Teenage is the most turbulent of all times in a child’s life and when bullying gets added to this, things become far more complicated. But when Parents and children participate in special programs like the one against bullying together, it develops lots of confidence in children and makes them courageous enough to handle difficult times.


Check your Child’s Cell Phone


If some bully troubles your child on the cell phone, you’ll never get to know as teenage is the time when most children start keeping distance from their parents especially when they go through problematic times with their peers as they find sharing this to be insulting and frustrating. But if you have friendly relation with your child things are different. Check your kids’ phone to make out if they are hiding anything.


Use Child Cell Phone Monitoring Software


This works the best of all. You get the complete details of incoming and outgoing calls, SMS’s, emails, photos clicked and mailed and the websites visited by your child. This will keep you aware if your kids are being harassed by anyone as well as let you know if your kids themselves are involved in bullying others. And as you’ll even get to trace the location of your kids, you’ll be able to reach them if you think they are in trouble. As such software will let to blacklist or block unwanted numbers as well as block websites you’ll be able to keep your child away from bullies. And finally by restricting their mobile usage, you’ll be able to stop your child from bullying others.

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