How to Monitor Kids’ Cell Phone Text Messages

You give cell phones to your kids in order to ensure their safety and help them contact you when there is some kind of emergency but they find a new toy to play around with sending hundreds of text messages adding unbelievable extra expenses to your monthly mobile bills and even get involved in other disastrous evils, bringing out your child from which then becomes a really difficult job and at times you just can’t do anything but regret.


This makes it important for you to keep a check on what your child is texting. Below you’ll get to know How to Monitor Kids’ Cell Phone Text Messages to keep them safe.

Talk to your Child: Educate him

Your child needs proper education even for as simple a task as using a mobile phone because without a proper education from you, he’ll learn to use it the wrong way and will misuse it instead of using. Inform him about all possible perils, wrong usages and their consequences. Tell him how some abusers are always waiting to prey young and innocent children and how sexting can be ruinous to them. And even make it clear to them that mobile usage shouldn’t be one of the time wasters killing their precious time meant for more important things. But do it the friendly way instead of being too authoritarian, this will help you monitor kids’ cell phone text messages more easily as your child will free comfortable sharing his secrets and will even show you his messages.

Asking your Service Provider for Providing Parental Control

You’ll find most of the service providers offering parental control for nominal charges on the monthly bases. This proves a good way to monitor kids’ cell phone text messages. This will help you limit your child’s access to the phone. You’ll get to set specific days and times for sending and receiving text messages or calls or do any other cell phone activities, so that your kid doesn’t spend all his time sending and receiving SMS’s even when sitting in the class room or at the time of doing homework. Similar restrictions are also available for downloading games and music through the mobile phone and you can even block phone message or MMS sending.


But them sometimes the parental control features offered by your service provider may not provide very advanced monitoring, this is where you feel the need of some third party software installation.

Install some Parental Control Software to Monitor Kids’ Cell Phone Text Messages

This is indeed the most effective and also the easiest possible way to track what messages your child reads and sends. You not just get to monitor the text messages but the entire control over your child’s cell phone. You can block the messages and calls to and from certain numbers, read the messages and their sending/receiving time even when your child has deleted them.


The monitoring offered by the software doesn’t just end with the tracking of text messages; you get to track your child’s entire cell phone activities and ensure his total safety and you don’t even need to be a tech savvy to install them. Simply get cell phone parental control software to monitor kids’ cell phone text messages and other cell phone activities.

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