Advanced Parental Control Software for iPhone to Keep your Child Safe

Buying an iPhone for your child is both a happy feeling and troubling perturbation at the same time. The newly bought iPhone proves a great way to keep in touch with your child all the time and have the world full of knowledge and good things right on his tiny smart device wherever he goes.


But the internet connectivity that bring the world of knowledge straight to your child doesn’t differentiate between good and bad, so all those profane, obscene, inappropriate, unwanted things quite lethal for your child also get picked up and served onto the smart phone.


Installing Advanced Parental Control Software for iPhone on to your child’s iPhone gives you ultimate control over the phone without even touching it once the software starts to work and the smart phone gets smarter enough to keep all those bad-stuffs away from your child and help him whenever he needs a helping hand.


Have the Total Command over the Contacts:


If you don’t want your child to make or receive a call or send or receive SMS from certain numbers, you can block them without the knowledge of the child. Listing of the numbers, their addition and deletion are all in your hand. And for new numbers you can turn on Auto Blacklisting.


Block Websites, Have Far More than Internet content filtering:


Yes, you feel like filtering all the content that your child comes across but does filtering helps you much? There are smarter sites that don’t let the filter come to know what content they are offering, the best in such cases is to completely block those sites that you don’t find appropriate for your child to visit. Advanced parental control software lets you do exactly that. And the best part is that you get to do the blocking thing manually, yes by choosing the sites one by one so that no wrong site is left unblocked.


Are you Scared of Pedophiles Targeting your Child on Social Sites? Block the Apps taking him there.


Your child might be talking to some strangers on the Social sites, he doesn’t know if there’s some pedophile waiting to target him. You’ll get to Block all the Third Party Apps that enable your child to chat on social sites and let strangers get into his life. So select the apps you want to block from the lists of apps with the help of parental control software and keep your child safe.


Where’s your Child? Is he really Safe? OR in Distress?  Save him with the Help of Panic Alert


Special Panic Alert will help your child when in distress to dial a secret code which will send his current location to all the contacts in the Family and to you, so that you can go and save him out.


He shouldn’t be Using the Phone Now. Stop him from Doing that.


The new iPhone looks cool to your child and he keeps using it every now and then even when he shouldn’t be doing that. The advanced parental control software for iPhone will let you restrict him from using the phone when he shouldn’t be using it.

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