"Are you worried about your child? Where they go after school or whom they talk or chat to or what do they do on their mobile phones?"

Introducing MobShield: The world's most advanced parental control and monitoring software for mobile phones that allows you to restrict the use of the cell phone while monitoring the phone's activities.

Mobshield parental control software works in all countries with all carriers and monitors all languages… prepaid or postpaid phones.

Once installed, MobShield gives you the ability to filter, block and monitor how your child uses their mobile phone.

MobShield is designed especially for...

  • *Concerned parents who want to protect their kids from the dangers of the mobile world...
  • *Cautious employers who want to ensure employees are working during work hours...
  • *Conscientious adult children who want to protect their aged parents from telemarketers and scam artists...
  • *... and anyone else who would benefit from Mobile Parental Control!

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  • Black List Contacts Black List Contacts
    Gives you the ability to block unwanted calls and messages from getting through on your child’s phone and keep a log of the communication.
  • Family Contacts Family Contacts
    Contacts marked as "family" will never be blacklisted or blocked and emergency alerts can be received by designated family contacts.
  • Block Application Usage Block Application Usage**
    MobShield allows you to block the use of third party applications on the phone.

  • Block Websites Block Websites
    Stop your child accessing porn websites by blocking certain websites. MobShield also gives you the ability to see what websites the phone has visited.
  • Activity Tracking Activity Tracking
    This feature allows the user to track all of the phone's activity like call details (incoming & outgoing), text messages (sent & received), photos (captured by the phone), Emails* (sent & received) and visited URL details*** from an secure web account. It also gives the ability to configure activity tracking remotely via SMS text commands. It works even if your child’s phone doesn’t have internet connection.
  • GPS Tracking GPS Tracking
    Locate your child anytime or on a scheduled interval. Make sure your child is really at school or wherever else they are supposed to be by our GPS location tracking feature.

  • Phone usage restriction Restrict Phone Usage***
    You can have complete control over your child’s phone by defining how much time to allow for calls and Internet surfing and other phone usage.
  • SIM Change notification SIM Change Notification
    You will get an instant notification whenever a SIM card is changed in your child’s phone having details of the new phone number and current location of the phone.
  • uninstall protection Uninstall Protection
    Prevent MobShield from being uninstalled from the phone. Uninstall is only possible with a username and password.
  • Secure Web Account Secure Web Account
    You can login to your secure web account anytime to view the details of how your children are using their mobile phones.
  • panic alert Panic Alert
    Your child can dial a secret code when he believes he may be in danger... or worse, he already is. This code then sends an SMS text message to all of your family contacts and both parents’ numbers with the phone's current GPS location.

  • SMS Alert SMS Alert
    MobShield Sends an alert when access to block content is attempted. It also sends an alert when text messages are sent with keywords pre-defined by you. Eg. If your child sends or receives a text message containing “sex”, you will get an alert.

* Email Tracking is not available in Android and Symbian based phones.
** Application blocking feature is not available in Blackberry.
*** Restrict phone usage is not available in Symbian based phones.
**** URL Tracking feature is not available in Blackberry, though it has URL blocking feature.

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Do You Know?

  • that the rate of child abduction has increased 444% since 1982?
  • that a child is abducted or reported missing every 40 seconds?
  • that 797,500 children below the age of 18 were reported missing in a one-year period? That's 2,185 children every day!

Mobshield is really awesome. I use it every day to monitor my children's Mobile phone and also block objectionable websites. I have recommended it to 2 of my friends who are also concerned parents. A Big thanks for Team MobShield.

-- Mr. & Mrs. Wilson
  Actual Customer

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